I have a problem

I do

(This is a rant)

I have a problem with stupid a** people

You know when you are going to be busy and can’t attend a meeting. You know ahead of time. Why are you calling at 2:30 the day before to tell me that you can’t attend and want to send someone in your place when I have already sent all the materials up there? I have no way of making new name tags, adjusting lists…etc

I also have a problem with this:

Why the heck won’t we ever close registration? I mean yes, registration is closed now because we are over capacity by at least 10, but that’s beside the point. If we actually closed registration it would cause people to actually be responsible and call ahead instead of the day before and a) register/ b) transfer or whatever you want to do.

I’m a big believer in setting firm dates. This will happen (date) and if you don’t do this by (date) this will happen or won’t happen…etc. what do they think?  That I can do magic and all of a sudden transfer stuff?

People managed to work with dates in high school and college and managed to work it out. There were dates if you didn’t do it you failed and that’s what happened. I think that should work everywhere.

If you don’t have all information in/sent by at least 2 days before the meeting bam! No more nice Lisa. No more name tags, no more printing, no more accommodating you because you can’t keep your shit together

(Deep breath, deep breath)


*One more thing

We say things can’t be transferred to another person like if you can’t go, I can’t go in your place

Why do the rules change every 3 minutes? We make exceptions for people all the dam time what the hell. Why have rules?

*last thing-

If I can Google a map, so can you. If I say that I called a company and they have no idea where any of the parking garages and addresses are around their building (lame but true) how do you think I’m going to get it? You can certainly sit there for an hour with Google maps looking up parking garages just like I did. And you calling me to tell me that you want my contacts number so you can ask her when I seriously just got off the phone with her isn’t going to help. Really it’s not. And I’m not going to give you her number so you can harass her too! That’s just mean and unprofessional.