Hubert Zafke is 95 years old and it is currently being questioned whether or not he is fit to stand trial.

The trial was scheduled to start in February in the state court in Neubrandenburg, Germany. It has been postponed 3 separate times because Judge Kabsich determined that the defendant was not well enough to participate in his defense.

The Charges

Mr. Zafke is being charged with being an accessory to 3,681 murders by helping Auschwitz function. It is alleged that Mr. Zafke’s unit was involved in putting people into gas chambers, running auxiliary guard duties, screening blood and other samples and treating SS guards.

The Defense

The defense states that Mr. Zafke was a simple medic and was involved in no criminal activities during his time at Auschwitz. Mr. Zafke denies all the charges stating that he only helped wounded soldiers and members of the SS. Zafke was there for several weeks in 1944.