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West Virginia vs. Stephen Wilson

Full coverage of the Stephen Wilson trial in West Virginia including verdict and sentencing information can be found at: 🙂

Texas vs. Matt Baker

Visit for full trial coverage, verdict and sentencing information. 🙂

MI vs. Stephen Davis- Verdict updated 3/8

Wow this case is a doozy. . . Where: Mt. Clemens, MI . The defendant: Stephen Davis . Other defendant (charged but this isn’t his trial): James LaCoursiere . When: 2008 . Victims: Robert “Bobby” McGuire (17), Nicholas “Nick” Noble… Continue Reading →

Florida vs. Schack- Verdict- Updated 2/18

On Thursday on InSession- The Defendant: Mark Schack Place: Lee County Florida The Victim: Amy Boscarino (32) May 17, 2008, police responded to an “accidental shooting” in Fort Meyers Florida. Upon arriving, police found Amy Boscarino on the floor suffering… Continue Reading →

Florida vs. Jennifer Carty- Verdict

Where: Palm Bay, Florida When: After midnight on Sept 21, 2007 The Victim: Ravin Billington The Defendant: Jennifer Carty Jennifer Carty is charged with DUI manslaughter in the death of her friend Ravin Billington. Just a little while after midnight… Continue Reading →

Tennessee vs. Killings- Updated 2/12

Tennessee- The State of Tennessee vs. Sergeant Ronald Killings, who is accused of reckless homicide with the death of Lakeisha White (11yrs) on the evening of July 17, 2008. Killings faces up to four years if convicted. Today: 2/11- the… Continue Reading →

Kansas vs. Roeder

Jury selection has begun in the case of Kansas vs. Scott Roeder who is charged with first-degree murder in the shooting death of Dr. George Tiller. Roeder is a noted anti-abortion activist who prosecutors claim planned the killing. Tiller was… Continue Reading →

Tenessee vs. Ken Taylor

Tennessee- Ken Taylor is charged with the death of his foster son Jordan Shelton (16). Prosecutors allege that Taylor strangled the young man while the defense claims self-defense after the youth attacked the defendant. Possible charges include: second degree murder,… Continue Reading →

In Session: Still around, way different

TruTV’s “InSession” happens to be where I find the trials that I find each week or so and what I really enjoy watching. I found out Friday (because apparently I don’t read the news much) that they are gone! All… Continue Reading →

Iowa vs. Kehoe Updated 11/4

IOWA vs. KEHOE Let the trial begin! Jury selection begins on Wednesday morning, bright and early for Michelle Kehoe. This mother of two is accused of killing her youngest son, Seth (2 yrs old), and seriously injuring her 7yr old… Continue Reading →

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