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Disneyland? A Map? A Guide?! WOW!

Are you wondering where stuff at Disneyland is? Where is the Carnation Cafe? Can I eat in Critter Country? Well, do I have a gift for you! New Disneyland Map and guides to the lands now up on Chocolate Cake… Continue Reading →

Disneyland Mobile App!

Ever walk into Disneyland or California Adventure and find yourself wondering how long the line for Space Mountain is or what time you woul dhave to return if you got a Fastpass for Indiana Jones? Do you know where Mickey… Continue Reading →

I’m Moving to Disneyland!

I’ve decided I’m done with everyday life and the only alternative I can see is to move to Disneyland. Not just the hotel, but the park. Yes, I mean it. So is it possible? In my world yes. Lets first… Continue Reading →


At Disneyland yesterday I finally found a Chewbacca doll! They usually don’t have them but nonetheless, I found one! Hooray

Disneyland Blog!

It has arrived! Disney Parks has a blog now! And I kind of like the video in their second post! visit: Disney Parks Blog

“My Name is Dug”~ From the movie “UP”

We were walking through Disneyland the other day in search of fun stuff for his nephew and the first thing we found was a pumpkin for trick-or-treating. Fun! We didn’t seem to find anything else that struck our fancy so… Continue Reading →

Tribute to all things Disney!

Welcome to the Happiest Place on Earth!! You can dance with characters, go on rides and run around like a kid all day long! Stuff yourself so full of sugar that you can barely stand it. Disneyland! The money pit… Continue Reading →

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