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Just Because!-

This post isn’t lengthy. It doesn’t even have a purpose except to EXCLAIM: and because its the weekend: ENJOY!

Annnnnd I’m Back!

I’ve missed writing blogs. I don’t know how else to say it. I miss the trials, the ducks, the cake! I miss it all. So I’m back and I’ll try to be more awesome this time ­čÖé

Turkey Vultures…


I will be motivated today I will be motivated today I will be motivated today I will be motivated today Hopefully if I say it enough it will come true.

I’m Moving to Disneyland!

I’ve decided I’m done with everyday life and the only alternative I can see is to move to Disneyland. Not just the hotel, but the park. Yes, I mean it. So is it possible? In my world yes. Lets first… Continue Reading →

I got out of the car and….

I got out of the car at the highschool and this is what I saw!

Awesomeness fail

The awesomeness phase began like a month ago and its already a fail. Not that I am failing to be awesome, because I still show promise at times, but I have lost the outward motivation and desire to motivate myself… Continue Reading →

Awesomeness Defined?

If you type awesome into google, the options are endless. It starts with the following definition from 1.┬áinspiring awe: an awesome sight. 2. showing or characterized by awe. 3. Slang. very impressive: That new white convertible is totally awesome…. Continue Reading →


Since seeing Pete Carroll on the coaches tour last week, being awesome is a daily thing. Well, who knew awesomeness wasn’t easy. It’s easy to say that awesomeness will happen and I will be it, but the truth is, I… Continue Reading →

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