Susan Elizabeth Van Note was a lawyer in Lee’s Summit who specialized in matters such as wills and other end-of life business. Van Note acknowledged that she had a volatile relationship with her father William Van Note. Sharon Dickson, was shot and passed away at the scene. Mr. Van Note passed away 4 days later after taken off of life support.

The incident: On October 2, 2010, Mr. Van Note and his girlfriend Sharon Dickson were both shot and stabbed several times in their home at the Lake of the Ozarks. Susan Van Note is charged with 2 accounts of first degree murder for the gun and knife attack on both her father and his girlfriend

The motive here from the prosecution seems to be that they not only had a volatile relationship, but she had severe financial problems and had declared bankruptcy. Mr. Van Note’s estate was estimated to be work around $7 million. Sharon Dickson was set to be his primary beneficiary.

Van Note allegedly also forged her fathers signature to remove life support 4 days after the attack. Friend of Susan, Stacey Dory, admitted at trial on Wednesday, that she and her husband had signed the witness statements for the health directive to take her father off of life support just before Susan went to the hospital. Read more about Dory’s testimony here.

Defense attorney pointed to another possible killer that police did not investigate. Mr. Van Note had lent $600,000 to another man who was unable to repay his debt. Mr. Van Note then foreclosed on the property he had put up as collateral. The police didn’t investigate the man in the murder.

An FBI expert is to testify that Susan Van Note’s cellphone pinged off a tower near the Lake of the Ozarks a short time after her father called 911.
He testified early this morning and the update can be found here.

Updates in the trial from the Kansas City Star reporter Donald Bradley:

▪ The prosecution played an audio recording of a phone message that had been left on the answering machine of a neighbor at the lake.
In the call, William Van Note said he had an emergency; both he and Dickson had been shot, and he needed help.

▪ A former crime scene investigator testified that there was no sign of forced entry at the house. Kurt Mueller, who was then with the Missouri Highway Patrol, also said Dickson’s purse was intact with $1,080 in cash untouched.”

You can read more here.
Andrew Dickson, Sharon Dickson’s son, has a wrongful death suit filed in another county against Ms. Van Note.
Update 2/13/17:
Today Kimberly Hardin testified. She works for the Missouri Highway Patrol crime lab. The crime lb was presented with one live round, one spent bullet, a telephone and seven cartridge casings. She stated that “no fingerprints were found.”
There were two palm prints found at the scene as well but the didn’t match the palm print of Van Note, nor anyone else in the state database.
“On cross examination, Hardin acknowledged that it’s not unusual for no prints of value to be found at a crime scene. She also responded to prosecutor Kevin Zoellner that it’s possible that no print would be found from the lawyers at the front tables in the courtroom.”- Quote taken from here.
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