Quick Facts:

– November 1, 1987, police and firefighters respond to a 9:30 p.m. call about a fire at a Deerfield Beach fabric store where they discovered Phyllis Harris and Janet Thermidor, two of the store’s employees.

– Phyllis Harris was found tied up, deceased, in the mens restroom.

– Janet Thermidor was found in the women’s restroom, conscious, with severe burns on 90% of her body and a head wound. While at the hospital, she told an officer that she was hit over the head in the store offrice by Mr. Henry not only stole the store’s money but threw some liquid on her and set her on fire. She ran to the restroom to try to put out the fire. She later died.

– The police then arrested and questioned Mr. Henry who initially stated that he was kidnapped by three strangers who then robbed the store, but later, he made self-incriminating statements to the contrary.

11/18/87   Mr. Henry was indicted on:

–  Count I: First-Degree Murder
–  Count II: First-Degree Murder
–  Count III: Robbery with a Deadly Weapon
–  Count IV: Arson with a Deadly Weapon

09/29/88- Mr. Henry was found guilty on all counts

10/06/88- Was recommended Death for Count I by a vote of 8-4 and Count II by a vote of 9-3

11/09/88- Sentencing

– Count 1: First- Degree Murder- Death
– Count II: First-Degree Murder- Death
– Count III: Robbery with a Deadly Weapon- Life
– Count IV: Arson with a Deadly Weapon- Life

 Mr. Henry’s execution is scheduled for 6 p.m. on Thursday, March 20, 2014

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