Quick Facts:

– Mr. Howell was involved in a drug ring in which Tammie Bailey (the would-be victim) could link Mr. Howell & his brother (Patrick) to a previous murder so she needed to be eliminated.

– Mr. Howell constructed a bomb that was placed in a microwave oven wrapped to look like a present. After hiring Lester Watson to deliver the “gift”, Mr. Watson was pulled over for speeding, in a car rented by Mr. Howell.  Watson provided a false name and date of birth because he didn’t have a valid drivers license. After the sheriff  ran a registration check, it came back that it was rented to Mr. Howell.

– The cops contacted Mr. Howell who said that he lent the car to Watson but didn’t realize he would be so far from home. Mr. Howell was informed that Watson would be taken to jail. The Sheriffs department was given permission to search the car and saw the gift wrapped package in the trunk. Watson was taken to jail and shortly after they left, there was a massive explosion. Trooper Fulford was holding the package when it was detonated.

– Mr. Howell was charged with the death of Trooper Fulford. The venue of the trial was moved from Jefferson County to Escambia County. Mr.. Howell, after trial, was sentenced to death in 1995.
– Lester Watson, was convicted of second-degree murder and sentenced to 40 years in prison.
– Patrick Howell (brother of defendant) is serving a life sentence without eligibility of parole for 25 years for his involvement.

There was an opinion filed by the Florida Supreme Court on 2/220/14 that can be read here which upheld the denial for post conviction relief.

He is set to be executed today 2/26/14 at 6pm EST.


**This page will be updated with any last minute appeals**