The trial of Kelly Cochran started with a bit of a delay due to an unforeseen legal issue.
The day did start with jury instructions. Judge Richard Cellelo stated: “Now after all of the evidence has been presented, the prosecutor and defense lawyers will make their closing arguments,” he said. “Like the opening statements, these are not evidence. They’re only meant to help you understand the evidence in the way each side sees the case. You must base your verdict only on the evidence.” (taken from
The prosecution started laying out their case with a detailed timeline of the murder of Christopher Regan.
The defense asked the jurors to keep an open mind when listening to the witness testimony. He also stated that “Kelly Cochran was just trying to preserve her own life”. (
In the afternoon the first witnesses were called. First up was Teri O’Donnell who was an ex-girlfriend of Christopher Regan.
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