Kelly Cochran, 34, is accused of helping her husband murder her boyfriend and then is also accused of killing her husband.

Not only was her boyfriend killed, he was dismembered. On Oct 13, 2014, Cochran came up with a plan to lure her boyfriend Christopher Regan into her home and Jason Cochran (her husband) would then kill him. Kelly admitted that they dismembered Regan with an electric hand saw and, after dividing the body into multiple garbage bags, throwing them into the woods near the Iron River.

After Regan was reported missing, his car was found abandoned a few miles east of the river. The police reportedly honed in on Kelly because she was the last person to see him. They did perform a search of her home, but came up empty handed. Cochran and her husband then left the state and moved to Lake County, Indiana.

In February 2016, Jason died of a heroin overdose, and Kelly said on Facebook that this was “the hardest thing I will ever have to deal with.” Police didn’t believe her and only 9 weeks after Jason died, she was charged with Regan’s death. She then fled Indiana. Shew as taken into custody on April 28th in Kentucky. Kelly was then extradited to Michigan.

While in police custody, they questioned her for almost 70 hours. She was able to show investigators where they left the body. The police found a skull and bone fragments as well as a rifle, bullet and pair of glasses at the scene.

Also while being questioned, they asked her about her husbands death and her story kept changing. Also suspicious was that the coroner discovered that Jason died from asphyxiation, not the apparent heroin overdose. Cochran then told police that she gave an overdose of heroin and then proceeded to strangle him until he died.

The motive was that her marriage with Jason needed saving and the way to fix that was to kill Regan. However, Kelly then blamed Jason for “taking the only good thing I had left in my life…It was revenge. I evened the score.” (quoted from here).

Defense states that Cochran has a history of mental illness, suicidal ideation and was voluntarily admitted to a psychiatric hospital.

The jury was chosen on Monday and the trial is expected to last 3 weeks.

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