TruTV’s “InSession” happens to be where I find the trials that I find each week or so and what I really enjoy watching. I found out Friday (because apparently I don’t read the news much) that they are gone! All the anchors and people I care about except for Jean Cesarez and Beth Karas. Thank goodness they are staying around. Here is the article I found.

As it turns out they are moving all their stuff to Atlanta and are using some different hosts. After watching a bit today, yes the trials are still there but I don’t really see the point of using new hosts when the others were good. (Yes, i get it saves money a little and its now in Atlanta, but good grief).

Here is also the letter that was sent out to employees: Taken from here. Sent out from Marc Juris.

“June 23, 2009

To: Colleagues
From: Marc Juris, executive vice president and general manager, truTV; Ken Jautz, executive vice president, CNN Worldwide

Three years ago, Court TV joined the Turner Broadcasting portfolio. Since then, we have worked together to grow the business as an important and valued part of the larger organization. Court TV was rebranded as truTV and IN SESSION at the beginning of 2008. Our success, especially in an economic climate of unprecedented challenges, is a point of pride – not just within Turner’s entertainment division but across the entire company.

Today, we are announcing logical, next steps in the evolution and growth of IN SESSION, truTV’s successful daytime block of courtroom trials. Effective Nov. 16, production of trial coverage for IN SESSION will shift to HLN. This will leverage the unrivaled infrastructure and production capabilities of HLN and the larger CNN news organization.

The IN SESSION name will continue, with physical production, including studio shows, now overseen by HLN from Atlanta. HLN will create studio space and assign dedicated staff to IN SESSION production, including on-air talent. IN SESSION business operations will also become part of HLN.

A second change involves a restructuring and new identity for truTV’s marketing efforts. The newly formed Brand Strategy & Marketing umbrella will include the Digital Content & Multi-Platform Development group, formerly the online group. truTV’s affiliate marketing activities will move to Atlanta, which is the base for the overall affiliate marketing team for truTV’s sister networks, TNT, TBS and Turner Classic Movies.

Shifting IN SESSION’s newsgathering and production to HLN and CNN, along with the marketing changes at truTV, makes sense strategically and operationally. These changes will result in job redundancies and elimination of positions in New York and the addition of jobs in Atlanta. Discussions are beginning today with those involved. Please be assured that our affected colleagues will be afforded appropriate assistance and professional consideration. We know you will be supportive of them through this transition.

truTV and IN SESSION will continue to succeed and grow because they have the respect and resources of Turner Broadcasting and the passion and commitment of extraordinary people throughout the organization. We all appreciate the important role you play in the continued success of these businesses and our company.”

So what do you think?