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Toy Story 3!


Turkey Vultures…

oh my gosh im swamped~

I just wanted to write to say that I’m here. I have so many different posts to write and no time to write them. I’ll try to get around to it later today!! Happy Trails 🙂

Drop food much?

Disneyland Mobile App!

Ever walk into Disneyland or California Adventure and find yourself wondering how long the line for Space Mountain is or what time you woul dhave to return if you got a Fastpass for Indiana Jones? Do you know where Mickey… Continue Reading →

“You No Longer Need to Imagine”- Tours Through Gang Turf

In Los Angeles, you could take one of the famed star tours and go around and see houses of the rich and famous, you could go to local hot spots and get some good food or you could take a… Continue Reading →

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz- Sleepy?

I’m here at work again, as I seem to be every morning around this time, and I find myself so stinkin tired. It seems to only be this week though. I don’t remember being this tired… Anyway, being tired spurred… Continue Reading →

User Feedback!: What do you want to see?

I finally realized that I really enjoy that people read this blog once in awhile. I really like it when people comment too! So the question arises, what do you want to read/watch/see? Vote! And let me know!

Big Bird Leaving Sesame Street?

  It all started when I clicked the Google logo because its been Cookie Monster and Big Bird feet the last few days and I’m wondered what it is. The first article that comes up is: “Big Bird’s still huge… Continue Reading →

I’m Moving to Disneyland!

I’ve decided I’m done with everyday life and the only alternative I can see is to move to Disneyland. Not just the hotel, but the park. Yes, I mean it. So is it possible? In my world yes. Lets first… Continue Reading →

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