Unfortunately for In Session, I am finding that I don’t miss the normal anchors. I really like having Jean Casarez as a host. Ron Kuby can be annoying at times, but I find him less annoying than Ashleigh… YAY for enjoying In Session again.

Now, for this trial, who are these people? I admittedly live in a cave where nothing seriously bad ever happens, but if my kid had an obsession with guns, a history with depression and loved the Columbine massacre?!, why in earth would I take him there on a family vacation? i know that these people have a history of mental illness as well but good grief, don’t we have people out there who protect people from themselves?

I think that a) he is definitely mentally ill but b) i also say that in his videos I have seen that he can knew what was right and wrong. He knew what society thought was wrong and did it anyway. He thought it was right but he knew what is acceptable and not.

We will see.